Maio: Maio Biodiversity Foundation registers a much lower number of nests compared to last year

English Port, Nov 02 (Inforpress) – The Maio Biodiversity Foundation recorded this year a total of 7,000 nests of sea turtles, a much lower number than last year, which was around 50,000.

When taking stock of the season, the Patrol Coordinator, Jairson da Veiga, highlighted the decrease in the number of turtle nests, settling in numbers comparable to those in 2019, when the figure was 7,400 nests.

However, he stressed that on the island of Maio, the data indicate, “There is still a healthy number of breeding females” and underlined that the explosion in the number of nests that occurred last year has to do with the synchronization of many females of several years. Perhaps caused by phenomena of food abundance and water temperature that could be related to climate change.

“To protect the nests, we built an incubation pond on the beach of Bixe Rotxa to minimize the impact of light pollution in the city of Porto Inglês and the requalification work of the island’s port”. He emphasized, recalling that the creation of this type of ponds has allowed that the population of Maio and visitors have the opportunity to get to know the species better and the conservation work that FMB has been carrying out over the years.



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