Maio: Maio Biodiversidade Foundation registers for the first time the hawksbill sea turtle

Porto Inglês, Jul 13 (Inforpress) – The patrol coordinator of the Maio Biodiversidade Foundation has for the first time registered a species of turtle named hawksbill sea turtle, which rarely seeks the archipelago’s beaches for spawning.

Jairson da Veiga, speaking to Inforpress, pointed out that about two weeks before the start of the sea turtle protection campaign, more than 300 nests have already been registered, a number “slightly below” in previous years, but he considers it to be “something normal”.

However, he pointed out, one of the great novelties this year is the appearance of the hawksbil sea turtlee, which is rarely seen on the beaches of the country. He stressed that this species is critically endangered sea turtle if nothing be done, due to its physiognomy and its use for consumption and other purposes, such as handicrafts, in various parts of the world.

“For us it was a surprise to find this species here on the island, although we already had information that last year was also seen a female from this species on the Boa Vista island,” he said, adding that the nest was recovered and placed in the nursery for monitoring the hatching.

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