Maio: IPC plans to complete inventory of national property in in the  first quarter of 2020

Porto Inglês, Oct 24 (Inforpress) – The Cultural Heritage Institute (IPC), through the Directorate of Monuments and Sites, foresees the completion of the inventory of immovable, historical and cultural heritage by the first half of 2020, after resuming this process in 2018.

According to information provided by the IPC, to date, around 1.000 buildings have been inventoried, considered as historical, cultural and immovable heritage of Cabo Verde, in a process resumed in 2018.

This inventory, as found by Inforpress, provides for an exhaustive survey of properties with historical and patrimonial character, which allows full knowledge and the state of conservation of these properties, with a view to their preservation, conservation and classification, and also intended for academic and scientific purposes.

The document further states that in order to be part of the inventory list, buildings must meet certain criteria, such as history, symbolism for communities, unique architectural features and iconography, among others. And because it is a mutable process, inventory requires a minimum of ten year updates.



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