JPAI-Praia condemns electrocution method used by the City Hall in killing dogs

Praia, Jun 21 (Inforpress) – JPAI-Praia condemned this Thursday the method of electrocution used by the City Hall of Praia, in the slaughter of stray dogs, calling for the use of resources and less aggressive means.

This position was manifested to the press by the president of JPAI-Praia, Admar Varela, explaining that raising the stray dog ​​population is a “complex problem” that requires assertive measures for its resolution, however, these should engage all residents and public and private organizations based in the city.

Thus, he said, it is reprehensible to “some form of action and lack of sensitivity” by some City Hall officials registered in the gathering of dogs.

He added that the Cabo Verdean legislation does not foresee the slaughter of animals in the “repeated and vile way” as “has been constant practice” on the part of the local authority, thus “violating” international standards and recommendations of the World Organization for Animal Health.



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