Islamic community congratulates PR and promises a prosperous year for Cape Verdeans

Praia, Jan 12 (Inforpress) – The Islamic community in Cape Verde congratulated the President of the Republic on Wednesday for the work he did in 2022 and left a message of a “prosperous year” for the Head of State, his team and Cape Verdeans in general.

The president of the Islamic Community of Cape Verde, Geraldo Gomes, made the statement to the press, after being received by José Maria Neves, to present New Year’s greetings.

“We came to the President of the Republic to bring our congratulations on behalf of the community for the work done last year, wishing him a prosperous year and expressing our concern as Cape Verdeans and Muslims about crime in the country”, he said.

According to Geraldo Gomes, the Muslim community rejects criminality and is therefore “against any act of violence, terrorism and anything that could harm people and society”.



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