INTERVIEW: Due to the resistance of institutions, we are making more law enforcement and less pedagogy – Ombudsman

Praia, Jun 4 (Inforpress) – The Ombudsman said in an interview to Inforpress that due to the “strong resistance” of some institutions to his recommendations, he started to do less pedagogy and to prioritize more the application and observance of the law.

António Espírito Santo Fonseca recalled that the law foresees the collaboration of the citizens with the Ombudsman and the collaboration of the public administration agents becomes obligatory.

The official explained that the application and observance of the law is done when the pedagogy does not work and when all possibilities are already exhausted according to the institutions.

However, he stressed that, from the outset, being a new body, instead of imposing application and observance, procedures went “more for patience and for doing pedagogy” than “resorting to administrative methods of authority”.



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