II volume of the anthology “Women and their Destinations” presented this Wednesday in Praia

Praia, Mar 6 (Inforpress) – The III Volume of the anthology “Women and their Destinations” will be presented this Wednesday 8, in Praia, and the proceeds will revert to the Association for the Development of Chã das Furnas and Sima Julia Foundation.

With the participation of men as well, the work brings with it two books, one of poems and the other of prose, advanced today by the organizer of the work, Lena Marçal, in statements to Inforpress.

According to the person in charge, the prose are a total of 97 works, written by 85 women and 12 by men, while poetry contains 153, 29 are by men and 124 written by women.

Lena Marçal also added that the anthology addresses various themes about women, from social protocol, gender issues to politics; it also talks about “bad saying”, mother’s love and self-love and leaves an appeal for a better society.



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