Government allocates more than one million and 300 thousand escudos to prevent rising fuel and electricity prices

Praia, Sep 22 (Inforpress) – One million and 328 thousnd escudos is the amount invested by the Government of Cabo Verde to enforce measures to mitigate fuel and electricity price increases due to the impact of the war in Ukraine.

This information was announced on Wednesday by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy, Alexandre Monteiro, in a press conference to take stock of the crisis office meeting on the implementation of mitigation measures adopted by the Government in the economy, energy and agri-food sectors.

“So far, we are talking about an effective cost of one million and 328 thousand escudos, covering the electricity sector and the fuel sector”, stressed the Minister, explaining that the amount includes compensation for the differential of measures taken from April to June, as well as the measures to change customs rates that are in force until the end of the year.

Alexandre Monteiro also said that by September there will be a benefit of more than 300 million escudos and there were 321 million escudos from April to June.



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