Football / Santo Antão Norte: Santo Crucifixo thrashes Paulense (4-0) and becomes twice champion (updated)

Ribeira Grande, Mar 9 (Inforpress) – Santo Crucifixo became twice regional football champion of Santo Antão Norte by beating Paulense 4-0 in the game played on Sunday afternoon at João Serra stadium, in the city of Ponta do Sol.

With this result, Santo Crucifixo went on to add 31 points, an unattainable score for any of the competing clubs.

Santo Crucifixo achieved the regional title of North Santo Antão, season 2019/2020, on the 11th round of the regional championship, three rounds from the end of the competition, with 10 victories, 1 draw, 23 balls scored and none suffered. Dery (24 minutes), Rony (52 minutes), Knetcha (31 minutes) and Jobel (36 minutes) scored the winning goals for the Santo Crucifixo in this game of the “ twice champion” party.

In a direct interview with Rádio de Cabo Verde, the Santo Crucifixo’s coach, Emerson Rodrigues, better known as Palela, congratulated all the staff of the club for considering that winning the title of regional champion of the current football season was a everyone’s work and effort.



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