Football / Boa Vista: Carlos Lima elected president of the Boa Vista Regional Football Association

Sal Rei, Sep 30 (Inforpress) – Carlos Nascimento Lima is the new president of the Boa Vista Regional Football Association, in an election that gave him the majority of votes from the sports clubs of the island.

The island’s football president was elected by five votes, against a vote for the club led by Benvindo Neves, and a blank vote. The Desportivo club was absent in this election that took place on Friday, 27.

Speaking to the press after the election, Carlos Lima said that “his team has innovative projects, and they are motivated to contribute and enhance football on the island,” despite being “aware of the challenges this leadership entails.” To this end, he said, “he has assembled a good team for the new management,” and is convinced “they will overcome obstacles and work to achieve results”.

“We want to apply for this year, Boa Vista will host a final of the national championship, this given the decentralization of the finals that the federation has been doing,” said the same source who “believes there are conditions for it,” which “he will bring motivation to the teams that will have the opportunity to show quality, added to the strength of the fans”.



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