Fogo: Winemaking harvest starts from the second week of July – producers

São Filipe, June 26 (Inforpress) – The 2019 winemaking harvest starts from the second week of July, according to information provided by the managers in charge for the wineries Chã and Sodade brands.

The head of the winery Chã and wine technician, David Gomes Monteiro, pointed out the second week of July to start the winemaking, so he has scheduled a trip to the fields to see the state of production, the maturation of the grape and if the sugar graduation is at the ideal level to later mark the day of the beginning of the vinification, the winery being “organized and prepared” for the harvest.

As for production, he indicated that he has not yet visited the vineyard plots of the associated producers of the Chã winery, which he will do this week, and only then will he make a realistic forecast, but for the information gathered from producers such as Penedo Rachado, forecast is for a decrease in production compared to 2018.

“There are places where production is almost zero, due to the lack of rainfall recorded in the last two consecutive years”, he said.



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