Fogo: The vision of the creation of pasture fields “married” with the City Hall will and vision in creating resilience – Nuías Silva

São Filipe, Oct 7 (Inforpress) – The mayor of São Filipe, Nuías Silva, said Thursday that the vision of the Italian NGO, Cospe, in the creation of pasture fields “married” with City Hall will and vision in creating resilience.

Nuías Silva made these statement at the signing event of the agreement between non-governmental organizations (NGOs), COSPE and Coopermondo, with a set of local partners aiming at the creation of two pasture fields in the Southern area of the island, with two thousand square meters each.

“It is a great opportunity that opens up to the island of Fogo for the valorization of the agricultural chain and livestock, particularly in the field of dairy products,” said Nuías Silva, who congratulated Cospe and the Terra de Valor Project, not only for aligning with the vision of what are the foundations the island needs to gain resilience for its development, but, above all, the organisation’s willingness to collaborate with local governments, decentralised services and other development NGOs.

The Mayor said that the City Hall has always defended the idea of not eternal dependence on rain, which is good, stressing that on an island with great potential in the agricultural field it is necessary to “invest heavily” in the mobilization of water to make available for the practice of irrigated agriculture, but also to the livestock sector, remembering that farmers are completely dependent on rains and with the resolution of the problem of pastures will have a higher income for families and greater production to supply cooperatives to carry out their missions.

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