Fogo: Suicide Prevention Day marked with a march to raise awareness on the issue

São Filipe,  Sep 9 (Inforpress) – World Suicide Prevention Day,  September 10, is marked by the Mint Health Service of the Fogo / Brava health region with a march to raise awareness about this issue.

Activities programmed in partnership with the Cabo Verdean Child and Adolescent Institute (ICCA) and other institutions and involving the region’s health structures aim to raise awareness of suicide among the population and social actors, a complex problem with multiple causes interrelated and which has had a significant incidence in Fogo Island.

The director of the Sanitary Region, Evandro Monteiro, said that the health structures intend to mark the date, drawing attention of the population to the mental health problem as a whole, and not only the prevention of suicide.

But as suicide is a worldwide problem with repercussions in Cabo Verde and in Fogo Island, it is intended to make people aware of this evil, since in recent days there have been dramatic situations at the island  and  “show and demonstrate the fragility in facing certain situations that could be resolved otherwise and not with such a tragic and traumatic end for the family, society and health professionals”.



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