Fogo: Students from M_EIA and Canary Institute will collaborate on documentary production

São Filipe, Oct 28 (Inforpress) – Students from Mindelo University Institute of Art, Technology and Culture (M_EIA) and Cesar Manrique Institute (Tenerife, Canary Islands) will collaborate in the production of four to six short documentary within the Erasmus program framework.

Cesar Manrique Integrated Center for Vocational Training (CIFP) professor and producer Pedro Alemany said that this is a two-year EU-funded project and the idea is to start working on the preparation of the pre-documentary by organizing small groups so that by 2020 it will be possible to shoot and by June 2021 have a series of documentary produced only by the students.

He said that during this period there will be teacher exchanges with some CIFP teachers coming to São Vicente to teach the basics of audiovisual language, a camera, sounds and others to the M_EIA students and also visits by M_EIA teachers to Tenerife to participate and teach at CIFP, with a total of five trips planned over the next two years.

This week three Institute teachers will be in São Vicente to analyze with students possible topics that will be worked on, and, according to Pedro Alemany, the themes are open so that students can choose the one that attracts and interests them.



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