Fogo: Presenter of the book “Mudjê krióla” challenges author to translate it into Portuguese and English for greater circulation

São Filipe, Sep 30 (Inforpress) – The presenter of the book “Mudjê Krióla” (Creole woman) by Chumpa Lino Lopes, challenged the author to translate its content, written in Creole, a variant of Fogo, into Portuguese and English for its greatest circulation.

The journalist Alírio Dias de Pina, who presented this as the first literary work by the popular poet Chumpa – Lino Lopes, said that “Mudjê Krióla” is an interesting book, with its own originality and written in the Creole of Fogo and which is strongly expressed.

because of the popular sayings, and therefore suggested its translation into Portuguese for greater circulation in the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) space and English thinking about the emigrated community in the United States of America.

Besides the originality and its quality, the presenter highlighted another aspect which has to do with its illustration with paintings by the artist Mário Barbosa who, according to him, made the book “extremely rich and with a perfect connection between the verses and the images”.

He also said that this first book by Chumpa Lino Lopes, makes a great contribution to the Creole and addresses an interesting theme by portraying the woman in its various strands, almost retaking themes from one of the island’s great troubadours, Putchota.



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