Fogo: Nossa Senhora da Conceição Parish bets on decentralization of some activities

São Filipe, Sep 25 (Inforpress) – The Nossa Senhora da Conceição Parish will bet on this new pastoral year in the decentralization of some activities, especially catechesis.

The parish priest, Father Lourenço Rosa, said that after being in this parish for a check, this year they will have “a strong bet on decentralization”, especially catechesis, indicating that in the city there is a “great danger of safety” for children from different neighborhoods who attend this activity in the only center, Benedict XVI, as a space for catechesis.

For children in the first year of catechesis, ranging in age from six to eight years, the parish is about decentralizing catechesis in their own communities, and this applies to other pastoral areas of the parish such as Monte Mote Grande, Lacacã, whose children travel to Patim and Monte Largo, traveling a great distance and often under a scorching sun.

The new pastoral year has the theme “Evangelize culture from popular piety”, noting that the parish will survey the various popular piety in São Filipe and throughout the island, from “reign” to “canisade”.



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