Fogo: List of concerns made by taxi drivers association includes increase of squares revision of the tariff and introduction of meter

São Filipe, Jun 25 (Inforpress) – The increase in signposting taxi parks, revision / updating of the tariff and the introduction of taximeters are some of the concerns that the Fogo – Taxi Association wants to see solved and implemented by the end of the year.

Taxi drivers from the city of São Filipe met on 23rd, and the association scheduled a meeting with the taxi drivers from Mosteiros 30 this month to present the association’s logo, inform them of the benefits and duties of taxi drivers and invite them to join the association.

The Fogo – Taxi Association, formed five years ago, is comprised only of taxi drivers and owners of taxis in the municipality of São Filipe, but the association intends to register taxi drivers from the municipalities of Mosteiros and Santa Catarina.

The president of the association, Denildo Gomes da Silva, told to Inforpress that the group intends to organize itself to defend its interests, noting that in the municipality of Mosteiros, 22 licenses were awarded, two of which are inactive, in the municipality of Santa Catarina one license, but due to market difficulties the taxi is out of service, and in the municipality of São Filipe there are 129 licenses, but only 79 taxis are in activity.



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