Fogo: Large-scale fire in the municipal dump is dominated and aftermath – Civil Protection Councilor

São Filipe, Nov 8 (Inforpress) – The large-scale fire that broke out Thursday night in the municipal dump, which is 300 meters from the regional hospital and a hotel unit, has been dominated and controlled and is now in the aftermath.

The Civil Protection Councilor Caetano Rodrigues said a volunteer and civil protection fire brigade team worked on firefighting until after 1:00 am and returned at 6:00 am today to continue the work indicating that this time the burned area hit the other burned in the other fires.

The fire was milder because there was no wind and for the fight the team used a water tank and the municipal fire engine with the collaboration of a group of volunteer firefighters.

According to the Civil Protection Councilor, the source of the fire is presumed to have criminal hands, noting that this time there are more arguments, because this is the first time that a fire has started from two tyres, when it was more practical to start from plastics and other materials and consume the tyres, spreading quickly through the dump.



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