Fogo: City Hall of São Filipe and Government honor Father Ottávio Fasano, ASDE and AMSES on the day of celebration of the city

São Filipe, Jul 12 (Inforpress) – City Hall of São Filipe and the Government today honor Father Ottávio Fasano and the associations ASDE and AMSES, on the day that marks the 97th anniversary of the elevation of São Filipe to the category of city.

The consecration to Father Ottávio Fasano had been scheduled to happen in April last year, but for various reasons only now the local authority will pay tribute to him in recognition of what he has done for the island and for the country.

Father Ottávio Fasano arrived at Fogo Island in 1965 (January) and as a missionary he worked on the islands of Fogo, Brava, S. Nicolau, Sal and Santo Antão.

The intervention of this missionary in Fogo Island is recognized by all, and among them the construction of the San Francisco de Assis socio-sanitary center, which was later donated to the Government of Cabo Verde, which transformed it into the Fogo / Brava regional hospital. A project in the ​​viticulture area “vineyard Maria Chaves” and the Monte Barro winery (wine production and water bottling).



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