Fogo: “Bicho de água” is not a problem for agriculture, but worrying for homes, INIDA technician

São Filipe, Aug 22 (Inforpress) – The presence in large numbers of “Bicho d’água – orthomorpha coarctata” in the town of Campanas de Baixo is not a problem to agriculture, but is “worrying” for homes, said today the plant technician from INIDA, Gilbert Silva.

Following the request of the population of Campanas de Baixo, a technician from the National Institute of Agrarian Research (INIDA) went to the island of Fogo to find out about the situation.

After visiting the community of Campanas de Baixo and other humid localities of the island, Gilbert Silva said that it is an larvae belonging to the millipede family, the “spinotarsus/banderemica caboverdus” species that exists in Cabo Verde, stressing that in the country there are 15 species of the millipede plague and the “most worrying” species is the one existing in Santo Antão.

Gilbert Silva said that this larvae that on the island of Fogo is called “bicho d’água” and in Santiago “sister-in-law” is an animal that only appears when there are humidity conditions, noting that it is the first time it is recorded in large number.



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