First issue of blue bonds results in 350 000 Escudos (CVE) more than the initial amount by 100 million escudos CVE

Praia, Mar 8 (Inforpress) – The first issue of blue bonds launched by the Cabo Verde Stock Exchange and carried out by the International Investment Bank (iib) resulted in 350 000 Escudos (CVE), higher by 100 000 Escudos (CVE) than the initial amount of CVE 250 million escudos (CVE).

According to the president of the Cape Verde Stock Exchange, Miguel Monteiro, the operation whose results were presented today was a success with demand exceeding supply, reaching over 350 million Escudos (CVE).

Initially there were 25,000 bonds made available to the public, priced at 10 000 Escudos (CVE) each, with a maturity of five years and an interest rate of 4%, to finance projects in the area of the blue economy.

However, since the beginning, the Stock Exchange and the issuing entity have left open the possibility of increasing the bonds of the first public subscription offer of this year by up to 10 thousand if the demand justifies it.



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