Executive Director of INSP says country is safe in health regulation despite risks and threats

Praia, Sep 22 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde, despite the risk and threats globally, is safe, progress has been made and challenges to be overcome with regard to health regulations, said Wednesday the Executive Director of INSP, Júlio Rodrigues.

“The country is safe, but in the global world there are risks affecting all regions and we are always exposed to threats. But we have followed and responded to global and regional guidelines appropriate to our specificities,” he said in a press release on the sidelines of the workshop on “Global Challenge of Patient Safety: Medication Without Harm”, promoted by the National Institute of Public Health (INSP), under the initiative “2022 – year of health safety”.

Júlio Rodrigues, who considered the issue as essential to draw the attention of health professionals about the care to be taken with medication for better patient safety, added that the country recently underwent an external evaluation of international health regulations, in which “significant progress” were shown, but also challenges to be overcome.

Health safety, he said, has interaction with the environment and the animal, hence the interest in talking about the “One Health” approach to explain to partners how safe patient safety through medication should be.



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