Works at the “amusement park 5 de Julho” completed by 80% and scheduled to open this year – General Director

Praia, Aug 1 (Inforpress) – The General Director of the “amusement park 5 de Julho” today revealed that the works are 80% executed, regretting the existence of “many bureaucratic issues” that has conditioned the opening of the space scheduled for this year.

Speaking to Inforpress, Alícia Alves stated that the works are going well and training is underway to prepare and equip the team that will work in the amusement park with the necessary tools to ensure its proper functioning. “At this moment, the works are 80% completed and 20% are missing, which is basically everything that should be done to complete the works in terms of licenses. Attendance training, English classes, water treatment and pool cleaning are taking place, we have already completed the training of swimmers and rescuers, and we will also have first aid training,” she said.

As she added, the swimming pools works are not completed yet. Due to constraints regarding the existence of trees near the area that were hindering painting and the refinishing of toys and materials, it was not possible to guarantee their short-term completion. Another aspect that, according to the general director of the “Amusement Park 5 de Julho”, has yet to be resolved has to do with access to the main entrance of the space and car park, which is in the area where City Hall of Praia is intended for ‘hiaces’ parking.

She added, however, that the municipality has already guaranteed that until the opening of the amusement park the area will be unoccupied. The “Amusement Park 5 de Julho”, in her opinion, is a “big project” created for people from all over Santiago Island, and on the other hand they want to establish partnership agreements with travel agencies, sea ​​and air transport to allow people from other islands to enjoy space services.



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