Women parliamentarians count on men’s MPs to approve the Law of Parity

Praia, May 29 (Inforpress) – The Network of Cabo Verdean Women Parliamentarians (RMPCV) is counting on the commitment and, above all, the motivation of its fellow male MPs for parliamentary approval of the Law of Parity, said in the City of Praia, its president.

Lúcia Passos expressed this desire after delivering the Draft Law of Parity this Tuesday to the President-in-Office of the National Assembly, Austelino Correia, through a parliamentary delegation constituted by the Network of Cabo Verdean Women Parliamentarians (MPN) and national MPs.

“We have already done our work at the level of the parliamentary groups. MPs are free to vote for or against”, said the president of the RMPCV, believing that the fact that they have managed to collect more than two-thirds of Members’ signatures for the presentation of the draft to the Assembly is a “positive signal”, which shows that MPs are engaged with the issue of parity.

She went on to point out that there may be “another Member” who is not yet “fully aware”, but she was confident that the parliamentary groups and the RMPCV are in time to do the work of raising awareness, on the day of the discussion of the draft of the project law, there will be a consensus vote of the Members present in the room.



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