Water will be more expensive in ADS from January, 1 2020

Praia, Dec 27 (Inforpress) – The water distribution company, Águas de Santiago (ADS), will from January 1, 2020 implement a new tariff table that will cause a general increase in the water price, compared to the rate in force.

According to the new price list published on the company’s website, prices for domestic consumption, including VAT, range from 264 escudos to 628 escudos per cubic meter (m3) per month, depending on the class that has also changed.

Thus, for consumers who spend up to five cubic meters of water, corresponding to the 1st class, will pay for each m3 264.50 escudos, when before paid 230 escudos, between 6 and 10 m3 will pay 396.75 escudos and in the 3rd class (more than 10 m3) 628.19 escudos.

For industry, the amount to be paid rises from the current 546.25 escudos to 628.19 escudos, a variation of about 15%. For tourism, the price also rises to 628.19 escudos and for social consumption, whose price was 345 escudos, will be paid 396.75 escudos.



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