The Chief Fireman says that number of lifeguards is insufficient for beaches in Capital

Praia, Jul 30 (Inforpress) – The Chief Fireman of the municipal fire brigade of Praia today admitted that the number of lifeguards on the city’s bathing beaches is insufficient to provide surveillance services, especially at this time when “the demand is too much”.

Celestino Afonso, who was speaking to Inforpress about the start of the bathing season, which began on July 5, found that lifeguards on the beaches of Kebra Kanela, Prainha and San Francisco are “insufficient” to guard the area under ​​their responsibility, compared to the number of bathers.

“Each year we have about ten lifeguards, which is insufficient for the three beaches in the capital considered to be seaside resorts, but still allows some form of minimum service,” said the official, who explained that the program provides two lifeguards for each beach from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, and from 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm all week, and in San Francisco only one on weekends.

Celestino Afonso, who is also director of the municipality’s Civil Protection, acknowledged that there is a need to extend this period and set up some mechanism, given that the beaches are still full even after 6:00pm, the time for lifeguards to stay on these beaches.



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