Tarrafal: Prime Minister announces asphalting of Chão Bom / city center and Calheta / Tarrafal roads

Tarrafal, Jan 15 (Inforpress) – The Prime Minister has announced that the Government will “soon” launch the tender for paving the Chão Bom  / Tarrafal city center and by June the specifications for asphalting the Calheta / Tarrafal road  will be completed.

Ulisses Correia e Silva, who made this announcement Tuesday during his speech at the solemn session of the Municipality Day and patron saint Santo Amaro Abade, scheduled for Wednesday, 15th, was confident of working for the Tarrafal development, especially in urban requalification, environmental and accessibility.

“We are going to do not to get more paved on roads, not just to open them, but because they are useful: These are roads that we want to bring more economy, more accessibility, more investment, to bring more job and income”, said the head of government.

“We do not evaluate infrastructure for and by itself, because they have little value. That is what it will allow to build. It is with this same idea we are investing heavily in urban and environmental requalification in the municipalities, not only for the mayors and the government to cut ribbon (…)”, stressed the Prime Minister. For the head of government, the most important of these works is the fact that they are creating value, referring to the economic, social and environmental value, and also because they make the places more attractive, more beautiful and healthier to invest, visit and reside.



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