Tarrafal de Santiago: Thirty families receive plots of land for agricultural production in Achada Porto

Tarrafal,  Aug 27 (Inforpress) – Thirty families living in Achada Tenda, Achada Porto and Bilimboa, in the municipality of Tarrafal (Santiago), were granted terms of land for use exclusively for agricultural production located in Achada Porto.

The land of three hectares, divided into 30 plots of 1000 meters, was given to 27 women and three men from the three locations by lease, for a period of 10 years renewable, according the City Hall of Tarrafal, which sees in Achada Porto the creation of a “green lung” for that inner-city municipality of Santiago.

At the occasion, the Mayor of Tarrafal, José Nunes Soares, explained that the City Hall chose this time to make the delivery of these  plots of land because it understands that it is giving a “gift” to these families, considering that these three communities celebrate, on the 28th, their patron saint Saint Augustine.

“We are handing over these  plots of land because it is the City Hall and Government policy to help needy people and families fight poverty, eliminate hunger in Cabo Verde and Tarrafal in particular. The Mayor, as stressed, is making the delivery of these plots, but also help with health, food and malnutrition,” said the mayor.




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