São Vicente: Requalification of Mindelo Cultural Center budgeted at about 40 million escudos to “return” the space to the city – minister

Mindelo, Jul 25 (Inforpress) – The Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries intends to remodel the Mindelo Cultural Center (CCM) with a project budgeted at about 40 million escudos to “return” the space to the city, Minister Abrãao Vicente said.

We noticed that Mindelo has lost, over time, this prevalence of the street as a space for artistic expression and we tried to make a diagnosis and the diagnosis is that the base buildings are with their backs to the city,” said the ruler, referring to the case of the National Center for Crafts and Design (CNAD), which will tear down the walls and the CCM will open to the city.

The plan, according to Abrãao Vicente, who was speaking to the press this afternoon, in Mindelo, after the presentation of the project in the responsible architect office, is to redesign the interior for “more activities and with higher quality”, framed in the idea that CCM can be “appealing” to artistic residencies of international curators and they realize that the CNAD-CCM axis “makes Mindelo a place where they can do international projects,” he said.

In this case, he added, CNAD is going to be a “consecrated house of art” and CCM a place “where you can try and have the Mindelo’s residents inside”. These redefinitions, in addition to works in some rooms, atrium and amphitheater, include the creation of a cultural cafe, divided between the outer space shared with the Mindelo Nautical Club and the space for the current library belonging to the National Library.



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