São Vicente: “Regionalization is not an adventure but responsibility” – Francisco Tavares

Mindelo, Jan 14 (Inforpress) – City Hall of São Vicente has organized a regionalization conference with Adviser to Deputy Prime Minister and former mayor Francisco Tavares, who believes that regionalization “is not an adventure but a responsibility.

For Francisco Tavares, who was participating in the initiative to celebrate the Freedom and Democracy Day, marked this Monday, regionalization was born from the Movement for Democracy (MpD) program in 1991, at the time of the first multiparty elections and for this reason is directly linked to January 13.

“Regionalization is not an adventure, but responsibility,” said the former mayor of Santa Catarina, Santiago, who bets on the idea of ​​each island with a region, except Santiago Island.

According to the same source, with this “state reform” it will be possible to envisage “four major objectives”: “to improve state efficiency, enhance the economic potential of regions, reduce regional asymmetries and create more space for political participation, power sharing and consolidation of democracy”.

“There are no more capable and less capable islands, more or less deserving islands, with more or less opportunities,” said Francisco Tavares, for whom regionalization will then serve to “reverse the trend of some attractive islands and other repulsive islands. ”



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