São Salvador do Mundo: City Hall inaugurates works of urban and environmental requalification of Chão Rodrigues

Achada Igreja, Nov 6 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of São Salvador do Mundo, in the countryside of Santiago, inaugurated the works of urban and environmental requalification of the Chão Rodrigues locality, an old claim of the residents, in an investment of 16 million escudos.

The inauguration of this infrastructure, which was attended by citizens and residents, was co-chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Olavo Correia, Minister for Infrastructure, Land Planning and Housing, Eunice Silva, and the Mayor, Ângelo Vaz, in the presence of mayors from all over the country.

The project, co-financed by the Government, through the Tourism Fund and under the Rehabilitation, Requalification and Accessibility Program (PRRA) and by the City Hall of São Salvador do Mundo, which houses all the space surrounding the local school, includes protection of the wall and paving the road, a ‘fitness’ park for the practice of physical activity and leisure, as well as the construction of a path that connects the main road to school.

At the time, the mayor considered the infrastructure as a “big work”, arguing that it was well done, and it was thought and articulated in partnership with the Government.



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