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São Nicolau / Santa Cruz Party: Organizers say they have “everything ready” for three days of “a great party”

Tarrafal of São Nicolau, May 2 (Inforpress) – The organization of the Santa Cruz festivities, in Alto Fontainhas, in Tarrafal de São Nicolau, celebrates on Friday, 3, already have “everything in place” to celebrate three days of party in “great style”.

According to Bruno Almeida, organizer of the festivities, all logistics are prepared to guarantee the three days of celebration, which begins this Thursday, 2nd, and ends on Saturday, 4th.

“The decorations of the streets, the tambourines and the food, everything is prepared to welcome partygoers”, said the same source, who said that the tambourines players will come from Praia Branca, Fragata and Campim to enliven the afternoons and evenings.

Regarding the traditional food that will be served to the population, it has been prepared since April 27, in an activity called “Cutchereta”, which is a corn coke to prepare typical dishes such as xerém, rolom and modje d’capóde.