São Nicolau: Artist says working for inspiration and recognition of his work is the composer’s biggest challenge

Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Jan 15 (Inforpress) – Artist Adilson Rodrigues, better known as Didi, said one of the biggest challenges composers face is working “by inspiration” and “having recognition” of their work.

On World Composer Day, which is being celebrated today, Inforpress spoke with this musician and composer, born in São Nicolau Island, more specifically Canto Fajã, but resident in Tarrafal, known for playing in bars and restaurants and composing traditional musical themes and Carnival.

According to him, from an early age he had contact with music in the family, where he learned to play the guitar with an older brother and from there developed his talent as a self-taught and learned to make compositions. When he became an adult, he played rock music and kizomba, but he started to dedicate on traditional music and solo guitar, because he observed that people hardly heard this style that was almost “despised”.

“I listened to the songs of Humbertona, Taninho and Luís Rendall and I noticed that people gave little importance to this style. That’s how I adopted traditional music as a way to value our culture, not let it die and make my contribution to Cabo Verdean music,” he emphasized.

For the artist, one of the “great difficulties” that composers face in their daily lives is to work “on demand”, especially for those who like to write for inspiration, since their work is essentially spontaneous and “unscheduled”. ”



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