São Miguel: City Hall promotes gender week with focus on sexual and reproductive health

Calheta, São Miguel, Jun 21 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of São Miguel, in the countryside of Santiago, has the 2nd Municipal Gender Week underway, with a focus on sexual and reproductive health, to alert the population and explain more about the issue.

The gender councilwoman, Celisa Alves, told Inforpress that the objective of the activity, which is under the theme “For ever more gender balance”, is to address this problem to the population, emphasizing that the focus on women is precisely in the reproductive health to achieve some balance.

The activities, which started on Wednesday and ended on Sunday, 23, are focused on combating alcoholism and other drugs, health fairs, talks and open talks in several localities of the municipality and the target audience are women, young people and adolescents of the entire municipality.

The intention, said the councilwoman, is to draw attention to the effects that the use of alcohol and other drugs have caused and also the diseases that have hit women.



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