São Lourenço dos Órgãos: Longueira will soon have new access road to attract tourists – Mayor

João Teves, Dec 2 (Inforpress) – The town of Longueira, in the municipality of São Lourenço dos Órgãos, will gain, within three months, a completely refurbished access road, with an investment of over 5 million escudos.

The information was advanced by the City Hall of São Lourenço dos Órgãos on its official Facebook page, indicating that the work, which goes from the local elementary school to the village, will have some staircases and a viewpoint along the way.

According to the same source, the viewpoint will allow visitors to have a panoramic view of the “beautiful landscapes” adjacent to that “magnificent site” of the county.

The municipality led by Carlos Vasconcelos believes that the work will transform that rural location, “already attractive in itself, into one of the most sought after tourist spots of this municipality in the countryside of Santiago.”

The work is the result of a partnership between the City Hall of São Lourenço dos Órgãos and the Government, through the Ministry of Tourism.



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