Santo Antão: Young entrepreneur intends to invest 60 million escudos escudos in the assembly of bakery factory

Porto Novo, Aug 6 (Inforpress) – The young entrepreneur from Santo Antão intends to invest 60 million escudos in the construction of a bakery factory in Santo Antão and start to export to countries where Cabo Verde has diaspora, starting with Portugal.

Arnaldino Rodrigues, also known as Momone, owner of the bakery “Art & Bread”, with a turnover of around 40 million escudos per year, employing 32 employees, presented the project to the Deputy Prime Minister, Olavo Correia, in his recent visit to Santo Antão, which “secured the support” from the Government for this venture.

Through his facebook page, Olavo Correia highlights this 31-year-old “young Cabo Verdean businessman”, and urges young Cabo Verdeans to be “bold and ambitious,” like Arnaldino Rodrigues.

It currently exports 40 per cent (%) of its production to São Vicente Island, places orders to Sal island, but expects, “in the short term”, to export to all the islands of Cabo Verde and is already working on project for export to Cabo Verdean diaspora. This entrepreneur has not yet ruled out exploring the West African market as well.



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