Santo Antão: Rural Villages Route completed before the next high season of tourism on the island

Porto Novo, May 6 (Inforpress) – The various tourism projects being built in Santo Antão in the framework of the Rural Villages Route project are completed before the start of the next tourist season on this island, starting in October.

For this to happen, the Association of Municipalities of Santo Antão, responsible for the implementation of the project, started a year ago, intends to work with the beneficiaries in order to reinforce the implementation of the actions, which aim to “qualify” tourism in this island.

The Santo Antão Rural Villages Route project, financed under the tourism fund, at 57 million escudos, consists of the creation of 36 tourism projects (12 in each municipality) in this island, aiming to improve the offer, mainly in terms of restoration, accommodation and entertainment.

In the case of the municipality of Porto Novo, the City Hall ensures that “most” of the projects, already in the “finishing phase”, will be “in execution” to receive tourists in the next high season.



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