Santo Antão: PAICV’s MPs denounce “discouragement” of families due to “almost massive unemployment” in the island 

Porto Novo, Apr 8 (Inforpress) – The MPs from African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde (PAICV-opposition party), elected by Santo Antão, warned what they consider the “discouragement” that characterizes, at this time, this island due to “almost massive” unemployment of families.

The PAICV parliamentarians, who are visiting the island, draw the attention of the Government and the municipalities of Santo Antão to the need to create jobs in this island, where the social situation is characterized at the moment by the “discouragement” of the population in all counties.

In Porto Novo, the municipality most affected by the bad agricultural year, MP Vera Almeida also highlights, in addition to unemployment, the problems of accessibility, affecting some localities, as is the case of Martiene, one of the main agricultural valleys in this county, whose access road is in “dreadful condition”.

She added that the ​​Ribeira da Cruz area is “stopped in time”, where only agriculture guarantees “some employment” for families.



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