Santo Antão: Odaílson Bandeira is PAICV’s candidate for Mayor of Ribeira Grande

Ribeira Grande, Mar 9 (Inforpress) – The Ribeira Grande Sector of PAICV decided to propose to the party  regional and national bodies the nomination of the MP Odaílson Bandeira as candidate for mayor of Ribeira Grande, in the next municipal elections.

Maria Teresa da Cruz, first secretary of the Ribeira Grande Sector of PAICV (African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde) told Inforpress that the choice of Odaílson Bandeira was not the result of an opinion poll, but ensured that consultations were held with civil society and several experienced people in the county.

“We followed his work on the ground and found that he is a ‘present’ MP and always involved in the activities of the municipality”, said Maria Teresa da Cruz, who considered Odaílson Bandeira “a person with the right profile and who was always concerned with the development of Ribeira Grande ”.

Besides the engineer Odaílson Bandeira, from PAICV, the candidacy of the economist Paulino Dias, by the independent group MUDAR, is already known, while by the MpD no declaration of candidacy has yet been made, although the candidacy of the current mayor, engineer Orlando Delgado, is taken for granted.



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