Santo Antão: Jorge Santos urges municipalities to continue the fight for regionalization

Porto Novo, Jan 16 (Inforpress) – The President of the National Assembly, Jorge Santos, defended, in Santo Antão, the need to resume the debate on regionalization in Cabo Verde, urging the municipalities to “continue to fight” to achieve this goal.

Jorge Santos, who chaired the opening act of the conference on “Democracy, populism and the rule of law in Africa”, held on Wednesday as part of the Republic Week, referred to local government as “one of the biggest gains of democracy” in the archipelago, because it is closer to the populations.

The President of the Parliament encouraged local authorities to fight for “greater autonomy of the islands”, a way in his view of giving municipalities the chance to decide on their development process within the framework of “national cohesion” and one way to “combat inequalities” and “reduce regional asymmetries”.

In the case of Santo Antão, Jorge Santos admits that local government has been “an example” in “promoting the development” of the island, and urged the mayors in Santo Antão to fight for regionalization to be a reality in Cabo Verde.

Another issue mentioned by the president of the National Assembly is the involvement of young people in the electoral processes in Cabo Verde. He has called on the political parties, in the framework of the process of forming candidates for the next election cycles, to promote “greater participation” of young people in politics.



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