Santo Antão: Future landfill could cost “at least” five million dollars – Government

Porto Novo, Aug 29 (Inforpress) – Santo Antão’s future landfill will cost “at least” five million dollars, an investment that is beyond the Government’s plans, which it expects before that, in partnership with the municipalities, provide the island with an improved landfill.

The municipalities of Santo Antão insist on the need to build a landfill on this island, where almost four thousand tons of garbage are produced annually, whose collection and management has been a concern for the municipalities.

The government has informed the City Halls  that “for now” this investment is out of the plans of the executive, which it intends, before moving on sanitary land, which could cost at least 5 million escudos, to endow the island with landfill improved, with sealing, machinery, garbage separation spaces and with surveillance.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) expresses “all the availability” to, within the framework of the operational waste management plan for this island, which should be approved by the municipal assemblies later this year, to “work” with the City Hall of Santo Antão in creating the improved landfill.



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