Santo Antão covered under the project to support female entrepreneurship in the highlands

Porto Novo, Mar 20 (Inforpress) – Santo Antão is among the islands covered under the project to support female and environmentally sustainable micro-entrepreneurship in the rural tourism sector, already in the implementation phase, which aims at the “resilience of the most vulnerable ”.

The project, which also covers the islands of Santiago and Fogo, is in charge of the Cabo Verde Women’s Organization (OMCV) and the Italian non-governmental organization Persone Come Noi (People like Us) and is financed by the Italian Cooperation Agency for the development.

In the case of Santo Antão, according to a note to which Inforpress had access, the project, which aims to “improve the conditions of the most vulnerable families, through the development of sustainable tourism”, will include, above all, women in the high areas on this island.

The initiative’s mentors, for its implementation, intend to count on the partnership of the Local Networks project on Sustainable Tourism and Inclusion in Santo Antão (Raízes), which has been implemented in this island since 2017, with the co-financing of the European Union and Portuguese cooperation.



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