Santo Antão: Chinese Embassy wants to “establish ties” with municipalities for island development

Porto Novo, Apr 1 (Inforpress) – The Chinese ambassador to Cabo Verde, Du Xiao Cong, is visiting Santo Antão to “establish ties” and “increase cooperation” with municipalities with a view to social and economic development of the island.

Du Xiao Cong, who visited the countryside of Porto Novo on Sunday, considered that Santo Antão has “great potential”, especially in terms of tourism, and hopes, after this visit, the first official to the island, cooperate with the municipalities with a view to the development of this region.

The Chinese Embassy in Cabo Verde is also “willing” to contribute to the development of education and health in Santo Antão, according to the diplomat, who visits the island in the company of the Minister of Health, Arlindo do Rosário.

In the case of Porto Novo, the Chinese Embassy is supporting the kindergarten  “O ninho” rehabilitation, according to the mayor, Anibal Fonseca, informing that the visit allowed the Chinese ambassador to know this municipality and its needs, being able to “support, especially in education and health”.



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