Santo Antão among islands covered with desalinization plant under the drought mitigation plan

Porto Novo, Oct 31 (Inforpress) – Santo Antão is among the islands that will benefit from January with desalinization plant for agriculture, investments already included in the plan to mitigate the effects of drought and bad agricultural year, to 2020.

In the case of this island, the plan to mitigate the effects of drought, announced by the government in about 1 billion escudos, includes the Porto Novo and Ribeira Grande municipalities with desalinization plants, while in Paul the focus is on the use of available water for irrigated agriculture.

According to the Government, practically all the islands will be provided with this type of water mobilization equipment for agriculture and domestic consumption, and some water systems with solar panels are still in perspective, to mitigate the production costs. Reducing rainfall in Cabo Verde, seawater desalination is part of the Government’s strategy to provide the country with a resilient capacity for water production and distribution.

The document “Challenges for the water sector in Cabo Verde”, by the National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANAS), discussed in September, in Santo Antão, states that “the focus” of the country for the “next years” will focus on seawater desalinization to “meet the demands of the population and the economy”.



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