Santa Cruz: Cova Barro farmers in Ribeira dos Picos receive 28 solar panels from Spanish NGO

Assomada, Feb 25 (Inforpress) – The farmers from Cova de Barro, in Ribeira dos Picos, in the municipality of Santa Cruz, received this Monday, 28 solar panels, with a production capacity of 35 volts, donated by the Spanish association “Ayuda ode Contenedores”, valued at 30 thousand Euros, just over three million escudos.

The initiative, which had the involvement of the “Nós Saúde” Association, benefits 30 farmers from this river considered one of the rivers with “greater” agricultural potential in Cabo Verde, which aims to help rural men in mitigating drought and reducing electrical energy costs.

According to the representative from the Spanish association “Ayuda Contenedores”, Daniel Borges, son of Cabo Verdeans, who leads the aid to the archipelago, this initiative is an example for the rivers where agriculture is practiced and faces a problem of lack of water.

That is why he asked for the involvement of the Government and the City Hall of Santa Cruz so that together they can reach more peasants.

On the occasion, he recalled that this is the second delivery made, noting that in 2019 36 solar panels were installed in Ribeira dos Picos.



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