Santa Catarina: Ribeira da Barca now has the first municipal delegation with all the services offered by the City Hall

somada, Mar 18 (Inforpress) – Ribeira da Barca, in Santa Catarina, which was served by an administrative agency, will become the first of six villages to host a municipal delegation, with all services offered by the City Hall, from this Tuesday.

Installed in the place that houses the Espaço Jovem, which was also reopened after rehabilitation works, the Ribeira da Barca Municipal Delegation was inaugurated in a ceremony co-chaired by the Mayor of Santa Catarina, José Alves Fernandes, and by the Secretary of State for Administrative Modernization, Edna Oliveira.

On the occasion, the mayor of Santa Catarina said that the City Hall has given “special attention” to Ribeira da Barca, that’s why he stated that the City Hall executive wants to transform it into a “real village and not just by decree”, so that everyone who lives there and visitors can feel that they are actually in a village.

To this end, he defended that it is with services that they will be able to achieve this objective, referring to the municipal delegation, now inaugurated, in a partnership between the City Hall and the Government.

José Alves Fernandes said he believes that as of today, the residents in this area will be able to request all the services offered by the City Hall, without going to the city of Assomada, that is, they can request al services on their own location and with “more comfort, speed and cost reduction. ”.



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