Santa Catarina: Ice machine and cold room from Rincão come back to work after almost two years

Assomada, Mar 21 (Inforpress) – The ice-making machine and cold storage room for fish conservation in the fishing village of Rincão, in the municipality of Santa Catarina (Santiago Island), damaged almost two years ago are already working again.

The cold equipment, which was in an inoperative state causing embarrassment to the fishermen, was repaired and maintained under the “Improvement of Infrastructures to Support Fishing” project financed by the State of Cabo Verde.

According to Vera Gominho, Director General of Marine Resources of the Ministry of the Maritime Economy, this Government’s “effort” to put the cold equipment into operation, despite the existence of a small-scale fleet in the community, is due to the fact that there are a significant number of fishermen in this area whose activities are directed related to the sea.

This responsible asked the fishing community to preserve the processing unit so that it can fulfill its function that is to keep the fish better conditions so that the saleswomen and the fishermen can always offer a product of better quality for the consumers.



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