Sale of CVA shares to emigrants earns close to 109 million escudos to the State

Praia, Feb 24 (Inforpress) – The State of Cabo Verde managed to raise 108.765.050 escudos (986 thousand euros) by selling 7.65% of the the former state airline, Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA), shares to diaspora, the Stock Exchange reported Friday.

The results of the direct sale of CVA shares held by the State and destined for emigrants were presented today in Praia by the director of the Market Operation Department of the Cape Verde Stock Exchange, Edmilson Mendonça. According to this official, the process went “normally”, explaining during the subscription period, it was found that the demand was greater than the offer.

According to the information revealed, a total of 44 orders were received, the majority, 17, came from the United States of America, followed by 5 from France, 4 from Germany, as well as from the Netherlands. Portugal had 3 orders, Switzerland and Sweden two each.

Countries such as Angola, Belgium, Spain, Guinea-Bissau, Japan, Nigeria, each registered an order, as well Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.



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