Sal Island recorded eight cases of suicide in the last three years – Health delegate

Espargos, Oct 1 (Inforpress) – Sal Health Delegate Jose Rui Moreira said in an interview with Inforpress that the island has recorded eight cases of suicide in the past three years, not to mention “camouflaged” occurrences as accidents.

World Suicide Prevention Day is officially scheduled for September 10, but Inforpress wanted to know about Sal’s situation in this regard, and the delegate stated that these eight cases were “clearly” suicide, as drowning, poisoning, among other episodes, they are often camouflaged as accidents rather than suicide.

According to José Rui Moreira, the causes of suicide can be varied, as “suicidal behavior is a complex phenomenon and is affected by several interrelated factors. “There is no specific cause that can lead an individual to end his life, to commit suicide. There are several causes. It is multi-factorial, ranging from psychological causes, mental illnesses – which is responsible for most suicide cases – social, personal (…)”, he said.

It also illustrates that other “tearing” events such as terminal illness, loss of freedom, structural or functional autonomy in the elderly, depression, schizophrenia, divorce, job loss, among other factors, may force an individual “impulsively” , committing suicide.



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