Sal / 2019: Cabo Verde Post launches seal Allusive to the African Beach Games

Santa Maria, Sal, Jun 14 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verde Postal Service will put on a Saturday, 15th, a stamp referring to the African Beach Games, a way for the company to join them in a partnership with the organizing committee.

The Post Office of Cabo Verde, bearing in mind the Government’s objective, as the chairman of the board of directors, Isidoro Gomes explained, to establish sport as a “development factor and privileged instrument” for the “projection of the international image” of Cabo Verde “could not fail to associate” with this “important event”.

The label allusive to the games, that later will circulate “by the four corners of the world”, by sending letters and postcards, has the signature of the plastic artist Domingos Luísa.

It has the rate of 40 ecudos and a print run of 2.000 units for 40 escudos stamps and 150.000 units for 60 escudos stamps, in a 1.500 block print.

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